Stenik's review for 2023 - Mapping оut new horizons


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Stenik's review for 2023 - Mapping оut new horizons

The end of the year is very close, and it's time for reflection. In 2023, we explored new horizons, offering innovative technological solutions. We helped numerous brands digitize their businesses, supported other online merchants in their digital transformation, and ensured technical growth and stability. We evolved and grew alongside our clients, established new partnerships, and reaffirmed our mission to provide and adapt global solutions and expertise for Bulgarian merchants, making them more competitive in the digital economy. We didn't forget to self-educate and inspire knowledge. We shared and exchanged experiences, ideas, and know-how, were socially responsible, and didn't forget to have fun. 

Here's our retrospective for 2023:

1. Introduced new technological solutions. Knowing Why We Do It!

Stenik portfolio 2023

Looking ahead to the new horizons we outlined, numerous technological changes and improvements occurred at Stenik throughout the year:

Hyvä Storefront

Cypho Theme

  • We built Magento stores for some of the largest businesses in Bulgaria, and this year we made it accessible to a wider range of merchants. We created the solution - our Cypho theme, suitable for both large and small to medium-sized businesses. With it, we significantly reduced the development time for a new project and its online launch. To date, we have several successfully implemented projects, and in the new year, we expect the projects based on Cypho to grow even more.

Mobile Applications

  • At Stenik, we monitor trends and follow cutting-edge business practices. In 2023, more and more major brands sought to strengthen their connection with the loyal audience by developing mobile applications. At Stenik, we formed a specialized team focused on developing applications for our clients using Magento stores. In the past year, we created the first of these applications, which will be available online in early 2024. Currently, we are actively working on two more, which we expect to complete by spring 2024.

B2B Functionalities

  • We upgraded B2B capabilities and functionalities on our customized Magento used by our clients. More clients from our portfolio took advantage of the solution to manage both B2B and B2C stores from a single Magento administration. We introduced individual price lists, management of different customer groups allowing personalized access and functionalities for both B2B and B2C users, addressing their needs.

Language versions

  • We expanded the available linguistic versions for online stores of our clients significantly. We added new linguistic options for several countries - B2B stores for China and Spain, B2C for the Netherlands and France, as well as additional linguistic versions for Romania, Greece, Italy, and other countries.

2. Achieved a record number of new online stores

This year, we actively contributed to expanding the e-commerce market, helping numerous online merchants develop their businesses both locally and internationally. Thanks to the teamwork, commitment, and professionalism of our growing team, we managed to complete a record number of 21 successful projects in our portfolio, doubling the number of implemented online stores compared to the previous year. This was facilitated by our new Cypho theme, a solution that significantly optimizes the processes of project development and online launch, as mentioned in the previous section on new technological solutions.

3. Won new clients and previous ones returned

Among the leading brands that trusted us for the development of their new eCommerce solutions are:,,,,, and others.

We also welcomed back clients for support, who, due to various reasons, had taken their business in another direction. Concurrently, we observed a trend of receiving support inquiries from merchants with Magento online stores developed by other companies.

4. Retained 100% of our clients

This success is a result of the high-quality support we provide to our clients and our proactive approach.

  • Technical Support and Security: During the past year, we affirmed the high professionalism of our support team, providing clients with quality technical support. The result was the retention of 100% of our clients throughout the year. Our commitment remains unchanged - to ensure even better support and a higher level of service in the coming year.

  • Personalized Approach and Annual Meetings: In the end of the previous and the beginning of 2023, we conducted annual meetings with the majority of our clients to discuss goals and strategies for the new year, technical enhancements and improvements in the stores, as well as automation and optimization of processes. This proactive approach allowed us to provide individual solutions that meet the specific needs of each merchant, in line with the development of their business. It also aided in precise task planning and execution throughout the year, optimizing client engagement and providing more favorable financial conditions.

    Regardless of the company's growth and our client portfolio, Stefan and Dimitar actively continued to participate in annual meetings. They visited e-merchants at their workplaces, in their retail locations, or organized online meetings. We are committed to continuing this practice in the coming year.

    5. Established new long-term relationships with our clients

    At Stenik, we measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients and end-users. Here is the place to thank all our new and long-standing clients, whose stores we continued to upgrade and develop together in the past 2023. We are delighted that everyone who turned to us for the development of an online store acknowledged the importance of digitizing their business. Even more, we are happy that these clients have shown us that they view our partnership as a long-term commitment, entrusting us with the development of their projects. Over the past year, we have observed a pleasant trend - our clients allocate more resources and have increasingly skilled teams, which are key elements for ultimate success. The internal #ecommerce and marketing teams of our clients are growing and evolving, successfully implementing the rich array of tools that Magento offers and complementing well with our team, our partners, and external suppliers.

    At Stenik, we believe in something more than just providing exceptional e-commerce solutions – we are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients that go beyond the traditional client-agency dynamics. Our formula for stable and long-term relationships is built on several key principles: shared vision and success, deep understanding, proactive problem-solving, and adaptability.

    Long-term relationships with clients mean a reliable ally on our journey to digital success. As the client grows, so does the agency. As the agency grows, so does the client. Therefore, I want to thank all our clients (who significantly increased during 2023), for being a valuable part of the Stenik family. For the incredible achievements we accomplished together and the countless others we will conquer in the future!                                                           Stefan Chorbanov, Co-founder and Managing Director at @Stenik

    6. Doubled the number of Magento certified individuals in the Team

    Our advantage in providing exceptionally high-quality technical support to clients comes from the progress and expertise of our team. The heroes of Stenik work with inspiration to develop Bulgarian eCommerce and assist our clients and partners, merchants, and digital marketing agencies in solving complex cases. This year, they not only demonstrated high professionalism but also solidified their expertise.

    Another 6 team members joined our certified colleagues, accrediting themselves and receiving their internationally recognized certificates from Adobe. They confirmed their qualifications by making efforts to certify themselves in the direction of - Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Professional. This achievement attests to their in-depth knowledge of the latest features, updates, and best practices when working with Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce platforms. 

    7. Trained new interns

    We trained new interns for Technical and Non-Technical positions. Imparting our valuable practical experience and skills to them, working side by side on real projects. We launched our section "Successful Intern Stories", where our colleagues shared their journey from interns to their career development at Stenik. We realized the video series "eCommerce Professions", where we firsthand talked about different positions from our team.

    8. Created numerous integrations with Magento and new partnerships

    Over the past year, we solidified several new partnerships that enhanced the capabilities and advantages for our clients and their online businesses. Our collaboration with external providers such as Link Mobility, BoxNow, Callflow and Omnilinx, and provided various opportunities utilized by many online merchants we work with. We fostered closer partnership relations with long-term partners, extending beyond the offices and bringing our teams together beyond the current project tasks. We organized several sports initiatives, giving rise to good ideas and process improvements in an informal setting.

    9. Shared knowledge at various eCommerce events

    Dimitar at Stenik - speaker at events

    We continue to adhere to the maxim, "Knowledge should be shared." In 2023, we continued to contribute to the eCommerce community in this regard. Alongside our work, we shared knowledge and know-how at various eCommerce events, forums, conferences, etc. Last year, we participated as speakers in numerous events. An increasing number of our team members attended industry events to share their experience and inspire ideas and knowledge. The year also saw media appearances by Stenik. We had appearances on Bloomberg TV and shared knowledge on national airwaves on Darik Radio. We blogged about everything to reach a wider audience and never missed inviting partners and clients to each event.

    10. Were socially active and responsible

    We joined World Clean Up Day and became ambassadors for the green idea of contributingThe  to a cleaner and healthier environment. We supported the charity campaign "Caps for the Future." Thanks to the initiative of our team, who collected plastic caps throughout the year and regularly delivered them to designated collection points.

    And we didn't forget to have fun

    Alongside our work, we didn't stop having fun. We organized Mini Team Building in Pazardzhik and Plovdiv, Summer Teambuilding in Greece in June, and Winter Teambuilding in Leshten in December. We affirmed that we aim true, hold the helm confidently, know how to use the tailwind, trust each other, communicate openly, and acknowledge, and support one another.

    2023 year through the eyes of the Stenik team

    2023 was filled with challenges that we, as a team, turned into working solutions. Hear what some of our colleagues shared in our short video.

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    Let's wish ourselves :)

    That's how we end the year, proud of what we've achieved and with a clear vision for our progress in the future. New challenges and exciting opportunities are already knocking at the door, ready to be explored and turned into successes in the coming year.

    On the threshold of the New Year, we are highly motivated to continue building and contributing to the development of online commerce in Bulgaria. For the new year, we wish ourselves interesting projects to work on with great inspiration, many new partners and clients to share successes with, and to have a positive daily experience! We promise to work throughout the new year always with a smile, responsibly, dedicatedly, and efficiently. As we have always done :)
    Thank you to everyone who was part of our 2023! We are ready for new challenges and know that the best is yet to come!

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