Stefan Chorbanov presented Stenik's eCommerce internship program to 9th and 10th grade students of SoftUni BUDITEL


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Stefan Chorbanov presented Stenik's eCommerce internship program to 9th and 10th grade students of SoftUni BUDITEL

On February 15th, at the Private Professional High School for Digital Sciences "SoftUni BUILDER," a career event titled "Meeting with Business" took place. The initiative provided students from 9th to 10th grade with the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the real business world and learn about options for practical internships in leading companies across various sectors. Upon the invitation of our partner and client, Kaloyan Iliev, a parent of students from the high school and owner of the online store for children's goods Uwear, and the school's administration, Stenik will participate in the spring season of the internship program by SoftUni BUILDER. We will offer open positions for internships to students, giving them the chance to develop their skills and knowledge in the field of eCommerce, familiarize themselves with modern technologies, and participate in real projects, guided by experienced professionals.

Stenik's Participation

During the event, Stefan Chorbanov presented Stenik's eCommerce internship program. In his presentation, he shared more about the value of student internships and how they can be a valuable experience for development and preparation for future careers.

Stefan shared with the audience that at Stenik, we are open to welcoming eager teenagers for internships, providing them with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the work process and everything behind the scenes in creating and maintaining online stores.

Among the key reasons why students should choose an internship at Stenik, he pointed out:

1. Students will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and gain valuable experience by working in a positive and supportive work environment.

2. Development in the field of eCommerce

Interns will participate in the development of projects in the eCommerce field, where they will have the opportunity to enhance their skills and benefit from the expertise of professionals.

3. Working with modern technologies and participation in real projects

Opportunity to work with modern technologies and actively participate in real projects, contributing to their professional development.

4. Mentorship from experienced professionals

Individual mentors will provide guidance, instructions, and feedback during the internship.

5. Flexible working hours and location

Flexible working hours, adapted to the learning process and personal commitments.

6. Training resources

Access to training materials and resources.

Together towards new technological and eCommerce heights

Believing in the new generations, Stenik is committed to contributing to building confidence and professional skills in young people. We eagerly await applications from interested students who can contact us to organize an internship this spring. Stay tuned for more details about the internship program on our blog soon.

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