Stefan Chorbanov delivered an inspiring presentation on online shops and computer literacy to the students of 1st and 4th grades at 2nd School "Akad. Emilian Stanev."


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Stefan Chorbanov delivered an inspiring presentation on online shops and computer literacy to the students of 1st and 4th grades at 2nd School "Akad. Emilian Stanev."

During interviews for various non-technical positions at Stenik, we identified a lack of basic computer skills among some candidates, representatives of the generation born after the year 2000. It is particularly noteworthy that these gaps are present in the young people of Generation Z, who, despite their inherent digital knowledge, often do not understand its practical application. They are Heavy phone users, using their phones for entertainment, playing games, watching videos, and socializing on social networks. However, this usage does not prepare them for the requirements of the work environment and does not provide the necessary computer skills, which are a valuable asset.

Driven by our desire to improve this reality, at the end of 2023, our manager - Stefan Chorbanov, delivered two presentations at 2nd High School "Acad. Emiliyan Stanev". He focused on the importance of computer literacy from an early age. The topic he presented on Father's Day was: "The World of Online Stores," emphasizing the importance of using technology as a tool for future professional realization.

Stefan shared valuable knowledge in the field of e-commerce, interesting facts and aspects of creating online stores, challenges and successes in his career, and what it means to manage a technological company.

His presentation inspired the children, and the greatest reward was their curiosity and the wonderful questions they asked him at the end of the presentation.

My intention was to plant the seed and spark the interest of children at this tender age, helping them recognize the importance of computer literacy and how these skills can open doors for them. I am delighted that a fruitful dialogue has taken place. Igniting curiosity in children is just the beginning; however, a more comprehensive approach is required. We need a shift to prepare young people for the challenges of the future and to make them competitive in the job market.” Stefan Chorbanov

Similar initiatives inspire students to explore and discover. By gaining insights from professionals, young individuals cultivate essential competencies such as critical thinking, collaboration, and initiative. Real-life examples and stories of successful professionals can serve as powerful motivators, encouraging students to prepare for the time when they will embark on their own successful careers.

Native mobile users and why they lack basic work-related computer skills

Asking the question: "Does the ability of young people to work with phones mean they can work with computers?" we reached several conclusions:

Using phones does not always mean understanding

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, skills in using mobile devices do not always lead to an understanding of technological possibilities in a professional context. While young people can easily navigate mobile applications and functions, they often struggle to grasp the practical value and future prospects of these skills in a work environment. Most applications and platforms are designed with a user-friendly interface to assist users, encompassing a wide range of age groups, from minors to adults, within the concept of user experience.

Young people often overlook the practical applications and possibilities of mobile phones, using them primarily for entertainment. Many teenagers struggle to articulate the tangible benefits of the various applications and features available on their phones. Rarely do they utilize their devices for gathering information for school projects, conducting research, or exploring different perspectives. Instead, a significant portion of the youth tends to use their phones primarily for calls, games, or aimlessly watching short videos, only to later admit that they don't remember the content.

Change is needed

Self-improvement and education

Being born in the era of technological progress, encouraging self-improvement and education is crucial for the younger generation. Active initiative is needed to make them realize that the attitude of "I know everything" is not constructive, but rather they should strive for continuous learning, development, and exploring new horizons.

Practical work skills

Establishing a connection between educational programs and the demands of the job market is essential for the successful integration of young individuals into the professional environment. The primary objective is to equip the next generation with specific and practical skills that will prove beneficial in their future careers. The business sector can play a pivotal role in this process by offering on-the-job training and educational programs designed to enhance the knowledge of young professionals. Internship opportunities and practical training emerge as effective methods for young people to apply acquired skills in a real work environment and acquire new knowledge.

Role of Parents

For successful adaptation to the technologically advancing world, joint efforts from educational institutions, the business sector, and society as a whole are necessary.
And most importantly, from parents!
This way, we can ensure that young people will be adequately prepared for their future.

Stenik Supports Young Talents

As a responsible company, we at Stenik will continue to support and encourage young people in their educational and professional paths. Over the years, we have actively participated in various initiatives aimed at schools, universities, and other educational institutions. Our goal is to share our experience and knowledge and inspire young talents. We are proud that we have witnessed the professional growth of a large number of students who successfully completed our internship program and created a satisfying career in Stenik. Some of their stories can be found in our "Successful Internship Stories" section.

This year, some of our programmer team members have the pleasure to act as mentors to talented students from TUES during the events Hack TUES X and TUES Fest 2024. We will also participate in the internship program of SoftUni Buditel, providing an opportunity for students to be trained in a real work environment by members of the team.

We will continue to allocate the necessary time and attention because we believe that our efforts are valuable and part of the change.

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