One integration - deliveries to multiple European countries. We have developed a Magento module for


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One integration - deliveries to multiple European countries. We have developed a Magento module for

Stenik integrates Magento with, providing automated logistic solutions and deliveries to multiple European countries for online merchants expanding beyond the borders of Bulgaria, aiming to expand their sales internationally and compete locally in different countries.

In many cases, online merchants face challenges in this aspect of their business. When an online store serves multiple countries, integrating with different courier companies for the respective markets can be a complex task. Users also encounter issues such as undelivered shipments or delayed deliveries, which can have a negative impact on their experience.

Working with a specialized logistics partner who can optimize the entire delivery process is a reasonable and often cost-effective solution for e-shop owners. Delegating the process to an experienced external partner allows online merchants to free themselves from complex logistics processes and focus on developing their business.

At Stenik, we have successfully implemented integration with, connecting the administrative part of Magento for order processing with the administrative panel of the system. This provides another opportunity for all our clients to have automated logistics solutions and the ability to deliver their products through various courier companies to multiple countries, using a centralized management system. provides fulfillment and international deliveries exclusively for the e-commerce industry, offering the full range of services provided by over 50 leading local courier companies across Europe. The company operates in more than 27 European countries and has 12 fulfillment centers strategically located throughout the continent. In 2023, was recognized by the Financial Times as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe and occupies a leading position among Bulgarian representatives in the FT1000: Europe’s fastest-growing companies list. Currently, Croatian Pick&Pack and Romanian Helpship join the logistic group.

Integration of Your Online Store with

Our certified programmers are available to our current and future clients, ready to integrate solutions into their Magento online stores. Additionally, our technical team can customize and extend the functionality according to the needs and specific requirements of online merchants.

Here are the advantages and opportunities provided through this integration:

  • The module is compatible with Stenik's modified Magento checkout, which allows the consolidation of multiple courier modules in one step without compromising the user experience (UX).
  • Synchronization of the address database with for continuous updates;
  • Synchronization of the online store with locations for delivery to lockers (EasyBox);
  • Option to enter default trade data from the online merchant for easy generation of shipping documents;
  • Sending shipping documents from to the merchant's ERP system along with other order data;
  • Support for multiple types of delivery pricing based on predefined criteria;
  • Administrators can quickly generate shipping documents using pre-entered data from both the online merchant and the user.

The Stenik team successfully integrated into the online of Creative, offering additional delivery options for brand users in Romania and Hungary. Looking ahead, Creative has the opportunity not only to expand its deliveries through to other countries within their network but also to enter new foreign markets seamlessly through the ready integration.

Benefits for Online Merchants Using Services

Using services provides a range of advantages that save administrative, technological, and logistical challenges for online merchants, reducing the risk of human errors:

  • Economical and fast deliveries: Merchants can offer various delivery options, thus meeting the needs of consumers.
  • Competitiveness: Through integration, merchants benefit from at least 2 different local courier companies for each country in the logistics network.
  • Multiple delivery methods: The network provides over 600 delivery methods to successfully adapt to the requirements of different markets.
  • Logistics automation: Integration with allows automatic processing of orders and information on status, tracking, detailed history of each shipping document, information on paid cash on delivery.
  • Access to new markets: provides logistical coverage throughout the EU, expanding the markets that merchants can reach.
  • Flexibility in choosing a courier company: Online merchants can choose from different couriers depending on their needs and preferences.
  • Cost savings: Merchants use prices for international deliveries close to or equal to the domestic rates of local couriers.
  • Delivery from the warehouse: provides an option for delivery from the online store's warehouse with transit times starting from 1 business day to all destinations in the European Union.
  • Reverse logistics: provides solutions for product returns and exchanges, optimizing processes for both merchants and consumers.

All these benefits undoubtedly can help any Bulgarian merchant be competitive in the international market.

Do You Want to Add Logistic Services to Your Online Store?

To integrate solutions into your online store, you need to sign a contract with the logistics company. After successful registration, you will be provided with an account in their system. Our eCommerce specialists are at your disposal and ready to assist you in implementing this option in your store. Feel free to contact our support department or your personal Project Manager for additional information.

For additional insights and helpful articles, check out our blog, where you'll find other successful implementations made specifically for our clients.

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