41+ thousand hours is the contribution of the Stenik team to the development of the eCommerce ecosystem in Bulgaria


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41+ thousand hours is the contribution of the Stenik team to the development of the eCommerce ecosystem in Bulgaria

We conducted a thorough analysis within our project management system and have decided to share the results for the year 2023 with a wider audience. These figures go beyond mere numbers; they reflect our dedication and contribution to the development of the eCommerce ecosystem in Bulgaria. The results affirm our absolute commitment, holistic approach, and diligent efforts, aiming for high standards and global levels of quality in our work.

What is Our Contribution?

We proudly report 41,625 logged working hours from Stenik's production departments during the past year.

Statistics and various aspects of our activities:

1. Programming (Back-end & Front-end)

The maintenance of server infrastructure (Sys admin & DevOps) accounts for over 50% of the invested hours. This includes the behind-the-scenes work of the unsung heroes ensuring the stability, security, and longevity of online stores. It's a source of pride for our technical director - Nikolay Dimitrov, and the dev team.

2. Project Management (PM) and Support

26% is dedicated to the work of project managers in creating new and supporting existing online stores.

3. Training and Knowledge Enhancement

Close to 10% of the team's time is invested in training (internal/external), upgrading, and improving knowledge.

4. Client Training and a Talk-to-Human Approach

Meetings, training, and communication with our clients to enhance their eCommerce knowledge take up over 5500 hours which is 13% our total hours.

5. New Hires and Training

Our team has invested 1362 hours in training new technical personnel, primarily young students or individuals transitioning into a new profession.

6. In-house UX&UI Design

The entire UX&UI design is created internally, ensuring a high standard of design. We have new additions to the team, and the invested hours will increase in 2024.

7. QA Process

In 2024, Stenik will focus on improving the QA process to achieve a world-class level. QA is a fundamental and sometimes misunderstood part of the comprehensive solution our clients expect, making it a small part of what's cooking in the kitchen for 2024.

8. Working Hours Beyond Schedule

In addition to the shared figures, there are other key factors that complete the mosaic:

  • Sales and Consultations: Credit to our sales director - Dimitar Dimitrov, who provides valuable consultations to online merchants and businesses beyond regular sales processes on a daily basis.
  • Marketing, which includes, to a large extent, educating a broader audience interested in online commerce.
  • And other aspects not covered by the above statistics. All other activities that do not reflect in the numbers but add value to our work.

All of this reflects our overall vision and commitment to high standards, training, and continuous development. An even more exciting journey awaits in the new year. In addition to the article - Stenik's review for 2023 - Mapping оut new horizons, where we share more about our achievements, plans, and goals for the coming year.


Stenik will continue its 20-year mission to develop eCommerce in Bulgaria, preserving the passion and commitment into 2024. We will maintain high standards in our work and improve the statistics. Our goal is not just to chase numbers but to build a success story where every digit contributes to the local eCommerce and the successful digital businesses of our clients.

About the author:

stefan-image Stefan Chorbanov

Stefan Chorbanov is one of the founders of Stenik and since 2004 has been managing the company as well as working on the creation of the iconic online stores. Read more about Stefan


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