Stenik is an official partner and exhibitor in the expo area of Balkan eCommerce Summit 2024


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Stenik is an official partner and exhibitor in the expo area of Balkan eCommerce Summit 2024

The forum - Balkan eCommerce Summit 2024, under the theme #ConnectingBalkans, will take place on April 4th and 5th at Arena Sofia. The event will welcome guests from over 15 countries in the field of electronic commerce.

Stenik's Participation

Celebrating 20 years as an active participant in the eCommerce ecosystem and a pioneer in the development of online commerce in Bulgaria, we at Stenik eagerly anticipate the upcoming forum. As an official partner of the eCommerce Academy, we will also be among the exhibitors in the expo area during the event. Our team will be available to all guests for productive discussions on various cases, business needs, and challenges in the field of electronic commerce. We believe that the event will provide an inspiring and pleasant atmosphere, creating opportunities for new cross-border contacts, fruitful business partnerships, and meetings for all visitors, experts, speakers, and corporate exhibitors.

Interesting fact: 72% of the booths will be made from recycled paper material (corrugated cardboard) and will be fully recyclable. :)

Promo Code from Stenik

We are pleased to offer you a special promo code - stenik15. With this code, you can enjoy a 15% discount on event participation, valid until April 3, 2024. Each ticket holder will receive full access to the two-day event program, including meals and beverages, as well as exclusive entry to a party after the first day. Registered attendees will gain access to our special mobile application, providing real-time information about registered guests, sponsors, speakers, the program, and other important details. This allows for planning meetings with desired participants and connecting with key business figures.

Why Attend Balkan eCommerce Summit 2024?

Our partners from eCommerce Academy promise an impressive event, offering new perspectives for the e-commerce sector in the Balkan region. Organizer Nikola Ilchev shares that over 2000+ guests, 150+ international exhibitors in the expo area, and 20 speakers from around the world are expected. The program includes diverse topics such as product development, cross-border marketing, sales and logistics, AI tools for business growth, and many more. The goal of the event is to create a platform for accelerated development and promotion of partnerships between e-commerce businesses and online business service providers in the Balkan region, providing more opportunities for their development and initiating valuable partnerships for future international sales.

In 2023, as a participant in the first Balkan eCommerce Summit in Sofia, Stenik decided to be part of the next edition to be part of the beneficial Balkan networking and inspiring program.

We will be there and look forward to seeing you!

If you plan to expand your business and activities in the field of e-commerce, don't miss the opportunity to join us at the Balkan eCommerce Summit 2024. The forum's expo is an excellent place to stay abreast of the latest trends in e-commerce and be inspired by best practices. For registration and additional information, visit the official website of the event.

We can't wait to experience the Balkan event and meet colleagues and representatives from the #eCommerce community in the Balkans to exchange experiences and knowledge.

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