How Galen Pharmacies and Douglas raised the average value of online orders through bundle packs and automated related products


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How Galen Pharmacies and Douglas raised the average value of online orders through bundle packs and automated related products

The online retailers we work with at Stenik often ask us "How do I increase the average value of an order in my online store?".

This can be done by intuitively inviting the users:

  • to buy additional items to the main one, in order to get a better price - we call it a bundle pack or a promo pack.
  • to spontaneously add additional items to the cart after they have already selected their main desired products - selected and presented through an automated mechanism.

Working closely with our clients from Douglas and Galen Pharmacies, we found an easy-to-implement solution for their Magento 2 online stores. We implemented an  external Magento extension  and encouraged consumers to buy more goods than they originally anticipated. For this purpose we use the plug & play module for Magento 2 of Amasty: Automatic Related Products. After installation, configuration and adjustment to the design of the online store, it contributes to excellent results, and in the following lines we will present several real examples and applications.

Bundle packs for a higher average order value

As mentioned above, the answer to this question is crucial for any online merchant seeking to improve their results, including profits. This increase is due to the so-called bundle packs, which we have successfully implemented. Through them, when a user selects an item, the system offers him several other products to buy together with the main selected item. It is important to note that they are also optimized for mobile devices, so it is easy for users to add them through their phones. 

The key to success here is that when choosing a product, the customer gets the opportunity to add a few others that he did not look for, but are possible to purchase "in a pack" with the main selected item. In this way we successfully "made" the users of Douglas and Galen Pharmacies to add more products to their cart, respectively we automatically increased the chance to increase the final value of the order. 

Following the personal needs of our customers, we developed the opportunity to add a product to the cart before completing the order to suggest the possibility of buying additional products as a set, if the consumer has missed the bundle products at an earlier stage of shopping. We successfully applied this method in the online store of Douglas & Beauty | Zone, based on the Magento 2 platform.

Automated related products for more spontaneous purchases

The second important component for online retailers is the spontaneous orders of consumers and how to increase them. We realized this through the functionality of an automatic algorithm based on rules for relate, up-sell and cross-sell products. The online store itself decides which items to display in the relevant block in a detailed page of a product or cart, based on rules that the administrator has configured. This means that when a user adds a product to the cart, the system intelligently displays related items that are likely to be spontaneously added and purchased by the same user.

The so-called automated related products give more than good results in the online stores developed by Stenik. More importantly, these results can be measured without additional technical means.


Measuring results and sales

The surest way to be convinced of the success of the goals set to our team is by seeing the statistics from the tasks. The automated related products extension we use has built-in statistics that show the number of views, clicks, CTR, and turnover from each smart product block rule created. It can be easily read by online marketers or the eCommerce manager of the respective merchant. 

Want more ideas to enrich your online store?

If you want to get inspired and find another solution to improve your online store, see which other Amasty extensions we have used. We will be happy to contact Stenik if you need support for your Magento 2 online store.

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