Adobe Commerce Developer Expert certification: confirmation of the high level of technical skills and developer expertise at Stenik


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Adobe Commerce Developer Expert certification: confirmation of the high level of technical skills and developer expertise at Stenik

We are confident that you are already familiar with the 10 reasons to choose an official Adobe partner and certified Magento developers for the development of your online store. In this article, we will introduce you to the Adobe Commerce Developer Expert certificate and acquaint you with our colleagues who possess it. Learn about their competencies in creating complex online stores.

The Adobe Commerce Developer Expert is a certification provided by Adobe, attesting to the high level of technical skills and expertise of developers specializing in Magento and Adobe Commerce. Its holders possess the necessary knowledge and skills for the successful implementation, upgrading, and maintenance of online stores based on the platform.

In this article, we will explore the significance and advantages of the Adobe Commerce Developer Expert certificate. We will also introduce you to the experts in the Stenik team who possess it. Their competencies and skills in the field of Magento and Adobe Commerce are crucial for the successful realization of high-quality eCommerce solutions and for meeting the needs of our clients.

What technical skills does a certified Adobe Commerce Developer Expert possess?

1. System architecture and personalization techniques for Magento/Adobe Commerce

  • Manages (creates, invalidates, saves, deletes, etc.) types of cache;
  • Recommends correct solutions for applying personalized enhancements to product/category pages;
  • Proficiently handles techniques such as events (observers), preferences, and plugins;
  • Works with configuration XML files;
  • Works with URL routes in Adobe Commerce;
  • Understand the methods for creating and publishing stylized content using Adobe Commerce CMS and PageBuilder functionalities;
  • Configures multiple websites or stores in a single instance;
  • Familiar with the capabilities and limitations of Dependency Injection;
  • Adds and configures fields in store settings;
  • Uses Git patches and file-level modifications in Composer;
  • Creates new commands in the terminal (CLI);
  • Develops integration tests;
  • Recognizes security features in Adobe Commerce (Content Security Policy (CSP), expressions, form keys, sanitation, reCAPTCHA, input data validation);
  • Understand how to work with the automated/scheduled tasks system - CRON;
  • Loads and manipulates data from the database;
  • Uses App emulation.

2. Knowledge and Skills in Database Management

  • Understands database concepts and can create personalized attributes for products - Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV);
  • Knows best practices for modifying tables in the database;
  • Performs data transfer - import and export;
  • Uses patches and repetitive database installations.

3. Development with Admin - Internal Infrastructure

  • Updates and creates tables and forms;
  • Expands actions in tables (grids);
  • Creates UI modifiers;
  • Creates an Access Control List (ACL).

4. Catalog Personalization

  • Applies changes to existing product types and creates new ones;
  • Modifies and extends existing products, categories, and attributes in the catalog;
  • Manages indexes and price processing in the catalog;
  • Understands various configurations for merchants with inventory from a single source and multiple sources.

5. Personalization of Sales Operations

  • Develops new payment methods (integrates with payment service providers);
  • Personalizes basic payment methods based on merchant needs;
  • Integrates personalized shipping methods;
  • Customizes the appearance of payment steps in the checkout of the e-store;
  • Personalizes the calculation of the total order amount in the e-store.

6. Expertise in Implementing Various Integrations and APIs

  • Has knowledge and experience in implementing various integrations and API services (creating new APIs or extending existing ones);
  • Well-versed in available methods for integrating external systems that communicate with Magento and Adobe Commerce;
  • Configures the main message queue system;
  • Can perform bulk operations - importing or exporting items, changing prices on a large scale, and assigning products to inventory.

7. Understanding the Architecture of Magento and Adobe Commerce Cloud

  • Understands the architecture and components of Adobe Commerce Cloud;
  • Works with files, permissions, and project structure in the cloud environment;
  • Configures e-stores with multiple domains;
  • Knows the application's API services and their management;
  • Accesses various types of logs;
  • Demonstrates the ability to deploy a project (Main steps of deployment);
  • Knows the specifics of ECE tools;
  • Identifies security breaches and knows how to apply security patches (Security breach);
  • Knows when to seek help from support and which issues can be addressed independently (DIY vs Support tickets);
  • Has basic knowledge of installing and configuring OOTB FASTLY.

8. Configuration/Configuration of Adobe Commerce Cloud

  • Configures Adobe Commerce Cloud;
  • Can identify issues in the cloud environment;
  • Manages users in the cloud environment and introduces the management and access interface to the environments;
  • Updates cloud variables using the user interface (UI);
  • Manages environments using the user interface (UI);
  • Understands branching through the UI;
  • Identifies the capabilities of Adobe Commerce Cloud plans.

9. Commerce Cloud Command Line Management Tool

  • Updates cloud variables using command-line commands;
  • Manages environments using command-line commands;
  • Understands branching using command-line commands;
  • Identifies issues with cloud services.

Which Professions is the Certificate Suitable For?

The Adobe Commerce Developer Expert certificate is primarily suitable for professionals occupying technical positions:

On the Developer's Side (such as Stenik)

  • Developers/Programmers;
  • Lead Developers;
  • Backend Developers;
  • Solution Architects;
  • Technical Directors/Leaders.

On the Merchant's Side (Retailer, Online Merchant)

  • Software Engineers;
  • Solution Architects;
  • Internal IT Specialists/System Administrators.

Each of the mentioned professionals, possessing advanced skills, broad knowledge, and experience in working with the Magento platform, has the opportunity to prepare for and take the exam to obtain the certificate. This certificate also serves as crucial evidence of technical expertise and knowledge, especially for those aspiring to build a career in one of the listed professions or similar ones.

How to Obtain the Certificate?

To obtain the Adobe Commerce Developer Expert certificate, practical technical experience (hands-on experience) with the Magento platform of approximately 1 to 3 years and excellent knowledge in developing eCommerce projects are required.

Experience required in:

  • Adobe Commerce - version 2.4;
  • Developing PHP extensions for Adobe Commerce and Magento;
  • XDebug/PHP debugging tools, browser debugging tools;
  • Tools for automated code and style error checking;
  • Composer (software) - managing dependencies in PHP;
  • Understanding of a network protocol enabling encrypted data transmission - SSH, basic Linux;
  • Redis, Elasticsearch, SQL, Varnish, RabbitMQ;
  • Validation API tools, API client tools (Postman);
  • Version control software like Git;
  • Cloud architecture.

Certified Professionals in the Stenik Team

In the Stenik team, we have two officially certified Adobe Commerce Developer Experts - Nikolay Dimitrov, Technical Director @Stenik, who manages the entire dev team, and Martin Grozdanov, Magento Backend Dev. They work closely with the entire team of project managers, support department, and dev team on various projects. Their task as backend developers is to design, program, and maintain the functionality of complex and intricate eCommerce solutions, ensure optimal server-side performance, and create efficient and reliable web solutions. They use various technologies and programming languages, taking care of the interaction between the client and server side of e-stores.

The Stenik DEV team is constantly evolving, expanding their knowledge and skills, and incorporating new technologies into our stack. We anticipate more of our colleagues showcasing their advanced skills and knowledge by getting certified soon.

Interested in working with certified Adobe Commerce Experts?

If your online store requires support, digital transformation, or migration, or if you simply want to discuss its future, feel free to contact Stenik now.

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