Magento online store development

We have unparalleled eCommerce know-how gained from our work on major online stores with a huge number of orders and revs. We have customized Magento for the needs of the most demanding internet merchant.

Stenik develop Magento online stores with certified Magento developers

Making an internet store with Magento

Magento is the most powerful open source eCommerce platform in the world, based on over 100,000 stores that make millions of turnover.

At Stenik, we use the Magento Community version, which is best suited to Bulgarian customers due to their sales volume, traffic and free license. For larger online merchants, an Enterprise version is also available, which is paid.

For Bulgarian retailers, we have developed over 80 successful Magento stores over the past 6 years, with hundreds of thousands of orders and millions of sales a year.

Why did STENIK chose to create Magento internet shops?

By choosing Magento as an eCommerce platform to develop your online store, you choose stability and security, familiar interface and user experience, easy expansion and support capabilities due to the popularity of the platform.

Certified Magento specialists in STENIK

At Stenik, we have developed a team of highly trained programmers and consultants in the Magento implementation and configuration, who know how to use the strengths of Magento and make your business profit from them.

We have the largest team in Bulgaria from certified front-end and back-end Magento programmers. This guarantees deep knowledge of the platform and quickly solves complex technical and business problems.

Ultimate support for Magento stores from STENIK

Quality support for Magento online stores by Stenik

For all of our new customers for whom we will develop a new Magento online store or we will be migrating their current internet business to Magento, we offer unparalleled technical support for Bulgarian standards.

Read the details on the "Online Store Support" page.

Customers who trusted Stenik and chose an online Magento store

At Stenik we create online stores for big Bulgarian brands using the Magento platform. Here is a sample of some of them:

Take a look at our portfolio for a complete list of Magento Internet shops we've created.

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Modules for Magento. Developed by Stenik

Working exclusively for Bulgarian companies in Stenik we are deeply acquainted with the needs of every local trader.Stefan Chorbanov, Manager of Stenik

We have the unparalleled know-how we have built in our work for large stores with a huge number of orders and turnover. This has helped us to develop a number of individual Magento modules that build on the platform and make it easier for customers and administrators to work.

Explore a list of modules (extensions / extensions) that we developed with our own knowledge and skills. Extensions functionality can benefit all our customers for whom we design a new Magento online shop or customers with a contract to support their online store. Also, STENIK's team will install and configure these modules for Magento merchants who are not our customers, and upon request we will give you a specific price offer.

Magento payment modules and leases

  • Leasing by TBI Bank
  • Leasing by Unicredit Bulbank
  • Leasing by BNP Paribas Personal Finance (BNP Paribas)
  • Payment with a virtual postcard from Borika (for banks UniCredit Bulbank, Raiffeisenbank, Allianz Bank, CCB)
  • Payment with a virtual poster from DSK
  • Payment with a UBB virtual endpoint
  • Payments with a virtual poster from Fibank

Magento product modules and product catalog

  • Automatically transfer new and reduced products to "NEW" and "SALE"
  • Automatic currency update from the BNB website
  • Automatically related products (upsells, related, cross-sells) vs. category or attribute set
  • Fast order (no registration and address, e-mail and / or phone only)
  • Size table (suitable for fashion stores)
  • Inquiry form for each product on a detailed page

Magento modules for online marketing and SEO

  • Google Business Data Feed for a successful Google Remarketing campaign
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Pixel with dynamic Facebook events
  • Facebook Product Feeds for successful remarketing campaigns
  • Facebook Open Graph
  • SEO module for recommended by optimizers advanced onpage search engine optimization techniques
  • Automatically generate feeds for comparison sites for, Pazaruvaj and Shop Mania

Magento modules for admin panel

  • Automatic switching of groups of users with accumulated turnover
  • Export products in a suitable format for import via Magmi csv file
  • Separate list of pending items for faster order processing
  • Last change of order status by administrators in connection with tracking their work
  • Various order colors for faster order processing
  • Filter by category in product listing
  • Filter customers by turnover and number of orders

Other Magento Modules

  • Branding module for background images on various pages of the online store
  • Integration of Magento Online Store and EMAG Marketplace
  • Easily create banners from administrator for home and landing pages
  • News in different sections of the store and with the possibility of different design
  • Registration of legal entities and invoice data to Bulgarian requirements
  • Slider with banners on home and inside pages
  • List of physical stores, individual store information, and store availability

Individual Module for Magento

If your Magento online shop needs an individual module whose functionality you have not found in another module with a free or paid license on the Internet, you can request a STENIK. If you have a correct assignment to us, we will take care to offer you the best price for making an individual Magento Module for your internet shop.

Why to make your Magento online store?

  • The first is "Magento Power". This is a platform that is extremely popular among serious web developers with experience that gives almost limitless opportunities for growth, features and marketing. It's no accident that the slogan of the platform is "e-commerce software for growth".
  • Secondly, we put the word "standardization". Magento allows you to sell both in Bulgaria and abroad and, among other things, you can always have the opportunity to migrate between different professionals (companies or programmers) who work with it and do not "women" for a company.
  • Very good online community! The solution to any Magento problem is almost always a search distance. In other words, you get one lifetime and free support.
  • It is appropriate for any business. From online sale of fruit and vegetables to delivery within 24 hours within the city, to the sale of islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Continuing on, we can highlight the free license, endless free and paid (but cheap) plugins, extensions that can make your little online store look really great. And so until the ink ... if we were writing on paper. The fact is, at the technological, functional and marketing level, Magento is where competitive (including Bulgarian) platforms may be towards the end of this decade.

More information about Magento can be found on the official website of the platform, and more interested can easily become part of the online Magento Society, which is infinitely responsive and finds solutions to any problem.

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