Since 2004, Stefan, Nikolay, and Dimitar have been managing the company, and our team now comprises over 30 eCommerce specialists.


Key to the development and stability of Stenik over the years is that the management consists of the three partners in the company. Stefan, Nikolay, and Dimitar make sure to stay abreast of the team's activities, current technologies, and trends across the entire eCommerce ecosystem.

Stefan Chorbanov

A Human Being at Stenik

In 2004, Stefan Chorbanov founded Stenik together with his fellow student Nikolay Dimitrov. To this day, he continues to work closely with the team on key projects for STENIK.

Alongside his partners, he initially established the company as a web agency, later evolving into a leading agency for the development and growth of online stores in Bulgaria. Accumulating eCommerce expertise, they worked with clients such as Douglas, Ozone, AIKO, Tehnomix, Teodor, and more. Since 2010, as a hobby, Stefan has been developing his online stores, and after a successful exit in 2020, he shifted his focus entirely to the company's development.

Stefan Chorbanov is a graduate of the 91st High School and holds diplomas in Information Technology and Industrial Management from TU Braunschweig and TU Sofia. He is a certified Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Expert and has participated as a speaker in numerous eCommerce events.      

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Dimitar Dimitrov

eCommerce консултант & sales director

In 2006, Dimitar Dimitrov joined Stenik as a partner, and since then, he has been responsible for exploring new business opportunities for the company.

Over the years, he has gained valuable experience as an eCommerce consultant and business analyst for numerous businesses in almost all sectors of the digital economy. Dimitar is actively involved in marketing and management of his own projects in the field of e-commerce. His strength lies in process analysis, integration with external systems, and sales in foreign markets.

Dimitar Dimitrov is an alumnus of NTBG and NBU. He is a highly rated and respected lecturer at numerous events, seminars, and forums, where he shares his knowledge, expertise, and practical examples that contribute to the development of online commerce in Bulgaria. Dimitar is a certified Adobe Certified Business Practitioner - Professional and Sales - Professional.

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Dipl. Eng. Nikolay Dimitrov

Chief Technology Officer

From co-founder and lead programmer to Technical Director – this is the path of Nikolay Dimitrov at Stenik. He is a true guru in PHP programming, system architecture, and building server infrastructure for eCommerce projects. Before Magento & Adobe Commerce, he has rich experience in building customized CMS systems and eCommerce platforms. Currently, Nikolay is focused on training and analyzing the work of colleagues in the company's programming team.

Nikolay completed his secondary education at the Sofia Mathematical Gymnasium and holds a degree in Computer Science from Karlsruhe University, Germany. He is a certified Adobe Certified Magento Commerce Developer.

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Part of the Stenik family are over 30 highly qualified specialists in various fields and expertise:

  • eCommerce consultants and business analysts
  • System architects and DevOps
  • Back-end and front-end programmers
  • UX/UI designers
  • Support and QA specialists
  • Project managers
  • Technical sales and account managers
  • Marketing specialists, and more.
  • We are extremely proud that talented professionals with many years of experience and tenure of over 5 and over 10 years are growing internally in the company. We support the professional development of each team member through individual training, mentoring, and participation in events.

For years, Stenik has been extending a hand to young professionals by training them in internship programs for both technical and non-technical positions. By providing them with the opportunity to learn in practice and acquire new skills, we help them build a successful career in the IT industry.

Visit the Careers section and proactively apply to Stenik, even if you don't see a specific open position.