What is StenikCMS

StenikCMS is a ready solution for building corporate and presentation web sites developed by Stenik based on 14 years of experience in the company. The system follows good web design practices and has the most common modules and sections in a corporate or presentation site. The vision is individualized to your corporate identity. By choosing this solution, you get all the developed modules and functionality of the system and you will not be charged according to the number of sections you have selected. The number of products and volume content are also not limited as the site will be located on your hosting and you will have the full space available.

We have developed this solution for our customers, knowing their needs well and the lack of analogue at the moment of the market. As we all know and have faced with such cases, other ready open-source systems once developed, they are very difficult to modify, and this often requires a complete change of site due to the need for minimal adjustment. With our solution there is no such danger as the system is entirely developed by us, without the use of external open source software, we know it perfectly and we can build and work unlimitedly in the future.