Stenik programmers will mentor young talented TUES students during Hack TUES X and TUES Fest 2024 events


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Stenik programmers will mentor young talented TUES students during Hack TUES X and TUES Fest 2024 events

As a company dedicated to promoting the career development of young individuals through various initiatives, events, internships, etc., we at Stenik continue to contribute by supporting students to enhance their knowledge and skills. We are pleased to announce that this year we will sponsor two significant educational events - HackTUES X and TUES Fest 2024, organized by the Technical School of Electronic Systems (TUES). We are delighted to have the opportunity to support the initiatives of the TUES community and encourage young talents in their development and success in the field of technology.

More about the events

Hack TUES - the school hackathon

The iconic hackathon for TUES at TU – Sofia has been held since 2015 and is a crucial event in the school calendar. It is organized annually by students for students. Proud organizers are 11th-grade students with the support of the Association of TUES Graduates - AZTUES. The hackathon is recognized by UNESCO for innovative technical and professional education and training, being the only educational practice in Bulgaria included in this global initiative.

HackTUES is a competition where teams of students have less than 3 days to create original software/hardware projects on a theme set by the organizers (kept secret), using various technologies. This competition format not only assesses the creativity and skills of the participants but also promotes innovation and technological development in education as a whole.

The tenth anniversary edition of the hackathon will take place from March 13 to 16 at Sofia Tech Park. The edition will be inspired by the favorite motto of TUES students: "Once a TUES-er, always a TUES-er!". The organizing team will reach out to all TUES graduates to give them the opportunity to return to school, specifically - to become part of Hack TUES X!

The theme for project development remains a secret. Participants (current and graduated students) will face the challenge of developing projects that impress. Stenik is an Alpha sponsor of the largest student hackathon in Bulgaria, and our team will be there to support and inspire future IT pioneers, assisting them in creating valuable projects.

TUES Fest - open day and celebration of students' achievements

TUES Fest is an annual exhibition of projects, coursework, and diploma theses in the field of software, computer networks, embedded systems, and robotics, created by talented students at TUES. The event traditionally takes place within one day.

For the first year, the celebration of the achievements of all TUES students - TUES Fest 2024, will take place over two days on April 20 and 21, in a physical presence and for the entire weekend. The first day will be filled with lectures and workshops on TUES and the IT industry, while during the second day, students will present their projects and clubs they participate in.

Stenik will participate with a representative in the jury to award teams with the highest results winning the top positions.

Stenik's Participation

The Stenik team will actively participate in key initiatives during both events. Some of our colleagues from the dev department will take on the role of mentors for the hackathon teams, assisting them in every step, providing guidance and advice in project development, and overcoming all difficulties together. Of course, we will compete for prize positions, but the most important thing is to inspire each other, learn something new from each other, and most importantly, have fun. Our representatives will be part of the juries in the semifinals and finals of both events. Additionally, Stenik will share its knowledge in the school podcast - TUES Talks, to inspire and enrich the students. We will also participate in a sports initiative (which we will keep secret) in the special video series "Secrets from the kitchen" at TUES, along with the students.

Over the years, at Stenik, we have always supported young people in education. Our commitment includes not only participation in such initiatives but also as lecturers and presenters, as well as through our internship program, where we work with young talents and provide them with the opportunity to learn and develop by working daily on real projects with our experienced colleagues. As many people know, together with my partner - Nikolay Dimitrov, we created the company when we were second-year students at TU Sofia. In 2004, we combined our design and programming skills under the name Stenik. And here we are - celebrating 20 years this year! We are proud of everything we have achieved and grateful to our team for #KnowingWhyWeDoIt.Stefan Chorbanov

We believe that young people are a source of unlimited potential, which is why we strive to support them in their journey and education and encourage them to be part of the IT community. In such initiatives, they gain valuable teamwork skills, are inspired to create ideas and successfully implement them - this is the key to the future and the development of technology and IT professionals.

We Can't Wait!

We are extremely eager to experience the upcoming events together with the TUES community and share our emotions with you. Follow our blog and social media, where you will find always up-to-date information.

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