What does the Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer Expert certificate represent, and who at Stenik holds it?


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What does the Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer Expert certificate represent, and who at Stenik holds it?

After reviewing "10 Reasons to choose an official Adobe Partner and certified Magento developers for building your online store," we will now shift our focus to one of the certification pathways - Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer Expert. Learn more about the competencies required for accreditation and about the seasoned experts in the Stenik team who possess this certificate.

What knowledge and skills does a certified Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer Expert possess?

1. Theme Management (theme hierarchy, image configuration, translations)

  • Structure of folders in Adobe Commerce themes.
  • Creating a new theme (Inheritance/Fallbacks, design exceptions, theme properties).
  • Ability to extend existing themes.
  • Customization of transactional emails.
  • Application of translations.
  • Knowing when to place files in app/code or app/design based on a sample scenario.

2. XML Layout - Combination of PHP and HTML in phtml templates

  • Ability to utilize layout XML instructions.
  • Creating new page layouts.
  • Understanding the difference between extending/merging and overriding XML.
  • Adding and using arguments to templates.
  • Creating and customizing templates.
  • Apply template security (escaping output).

3. Styles

  • Understanding the purpose of styles-m.less, styles-l.less, print.less.
  • Understanding the difference between specific files (_extends.less,_extend.less,_theme.less,_widgets.less,_module.less,).
  • Overriding and extending Magento LESS.
  • Familiarity with basic concepts of LESS.
  • Ability to customize email styles.
  • Understanding the hierarchy of CSS/LESS (libraries, modules, themes).
  • Ability to implement and customize LESS library components.
  • Differences between client-side and server-side compilation.

4. JavaScript (Magento widgets, Magento library, client-side data models, knockout templates)

  • Initialization of JavaScript components.
  • Usage of RequireJS.
  • Implementation of different types of mixins.
  • Adding translation through JS.
  • Interaction between UI components.
  • Skills in working with Knockout JS and jQuery widgets.
  • Usage of JS components with Layout XML.

5. Administrative Configuration and Page Builder

  • Customizing content through Page Builder.
  • Settings for Front-end optimizations.
  • Personalization of transactional emails.

6. Tools (CLI and Grunt)

  • Usage of basic bin/Magento commands.
  • Usage of Composer commands (install, update, require, remove).
  • Choosing an appropriate use case for deploy modes.
  • Configuration and usage of Grunt.
  • Familiarity with additional tools that cloud provides (Fastly, downloading database, content deployment, branching using UI).

Experience and knowledge are required in the following areas:

  • Basic understanding of Front-end structure and styling.
  • Skills in developing user interfaces and front-end components.
  • Experience and understanding of HTML, CSS (and preprocessors), LESS, JavaScript, UI components, jQuery, Underscore, Require.JS, Knockout, as well as PHP templates, knowledge of databases, and content management.
  • Knowledge of the platform, CMS blocks, Widgets, CMS pages, category pages, product pages, cart, checkout, and user profile.
  • Basic understanding or knowledge of the admin panel.
  • Knowledge of extending and overwriting styles, layouts, and JS files.
  • Knowledge of theme hierarchy and inheritance.
  • CLI command (cache cleaning, setup:upgrade, indexers, deployment mode) & Grunt
  • Technologies for caching, client browser, and storage (cookies, local storage).
  • Understanding responsive design and media queries.
  • WYSIWYG editor/Page Builder.
  • Understanding of code packages.
  • Implement translation.
  • Email templates.
  • Infrastructure of Adobe Commerce Cloud.
  • Basic understanding of cloud CLI command tools
  • General knowledge of the architecture, components, and customization options of Adobe Commerce.

For which professions is the certificate suitable?

The "Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer Expert" certificate is designed for developers and front-end specialists aiming to showcase their skills and knowledge in the realm of front-end development specifically tailored for Magento and Adobe Commerce.

From the developer company's perspective (like Stenik)

  • Programmers (Developers)
  • Team lead developers (Lead Developers)
  • Frontend developers (Front-end Developers)
  • Software architects (Software architects)

Professionals possessing advanced skills, substantial experience, and extensive knowledge in working with Magento and Adobe Commerce are eligible to undertake the certification exam. This accreditation serves as tangible evidence of one's proficiency and competence, providing an opportunity for career growth within the realm of front-end development.

How to obtain the certificate?

To qualify for the Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer Expert certificate, you should possess 1 to 3 years of practical experience as a Front-End developer on the Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce platforms.

Certified in the Stenik team

In the Stenik team, we have two officially certified Front-End Developer experts - Dimitar Troyanov and Veselin Trifonov. In the development of websites, they skillfully combine design and functionality to ensure an excellent user experience. Following the best practices in the frontend development field, they create visually appealing websites that are faster, more intuitive, and optimized for end-users.

Their certification is a recognition of their professionalism and evidence of their commitment to continuous improvement.

Do you want to work with certified Adobe Commerce experts?

If your online store requires support, digital transformation, or migration, and you would like to discuss its future, feel free to contact Stenik now.

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