CMS and eCommerce content management systems

Online stores: Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source


Program languages, technologies and data bases

Web development: PHP 8, Symfony, HTML5, XML, CSS3, LESS, Grunt, Javascript, jQuery, RequireJS, Knockoutjs, Vue.js, AlpineJS, TailwindCSS
Technologies: Web Services (SOAP, REST, GraphQL), Git, Docker, Varnish, Redis, ElasticSearch, Ansible
Data bases: MySQL, PostgreSQL


ERP system integrations

eCommerce integrations with: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Selmatic, SIS Technologies, Universum by Unisoft, MoneyWorks by GenSoft, Dreem ERP, Colibri ERP, Nabla, Mistral, Barsy, Microinvest, Prim, Zeron by Elite Software,, PharmaStar by AS Systems, Deteline by Eltrade, Atlantis ERP by Balkan Services and others.


Servers installation, configuration and maintenance

Depending on customer need we are able to install and configure dedicated servers or VPS servers.

Operating systems: Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat и Fedora Linux

Services: Apache, Nginx, Mysql, Postgresql, Postfix, Varnish, Redis, Memcached, Sphinx


Technical support and security

For maximum security STENIK works with all newest web technologies and program languages versions. By request we can provide 24/7 websites and server technical maintenance.

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